• Luke Dillon

Prime Pandora

So Saturday night I was at The Vox near the NEC with Pandora Events, who had been planning an event for Amazon (BH1). The event was crazy and being Birmingham based was Peaky Blinders themed, virtual horse racing, casino, dancers, DJ and more. The food was next level and the night was a massive success. I was there to capture the night and personally one of my best shoots, for sure for 2019, the atmosphere made things so much easier with awesome lighting and evening attire it made the images look so much cleaner.

One thing I did notice is the fact I need to have two cameras for photoshoots from now on, changing lens and setting is not quick enough and I missed some shots due to the wrong lens or settings. A new camera is on order meaning I can have long and short focal length to cover an event to the max. This was the main improvement for the event and something that can easily changed, at a price of course. Something that now can be offered is client login, this means a client can send a link to their staff, public, event attenders and they can access all the photos from the night within a protected file meaning only people with the password can access the photos.

One thing I did practise with was time lapses, when the event was been set up, this means Pandora can document the full change a room makes to become a Pandora worthy event. This is something I have been pushing with Pandora as most people do not understand the effort that they put in. For more information on what Pandora offers make sure to check out their website (linked below) and if you want to know everything I can offer just send me a message.

Pandora: https://pandora-events.co.uk/

Anything you need to know I am always happy to talk!