• Luke Dillon

Purple Bricks Christmas with Pandora Events

Purple Bricks was my last event shoot for 2019 and what a shoot it was! Again I was back with Pandora Events as they hosted for another one of their clients this time at the Jam House in Birmingham. An evening event and due to being at BNI in the afternoon I head straight to Birmingham giving me 4 hours to kill and still be early for the shoot.

First off I ran around and capture shots with no people in, showing the setup, decor, and bits that made the venue. Some close-cropped so the venue didn't look empty and others with the intention of 'pre-event photos'. Before I knew it Purple Bricks staff were rolling in and Pandora Event was ready to smash another event. I floated around for an hour or to snapping and watching what to capture. I wanted to be discreet the main purpose of the photos was to show the event in its natural form not capture every living moment and run around and be noticed.

Next up were speeches, luckily I was informed beforehand where they would be as they were quickly and after trying to push through crowds to capture some shots I was limited on creativity and time. Then the food was coming out, like most shoots, I put down the camera as no one looks good eating. This time I moved to the exterior and grabbed some visuals of the Jam House all light up with no parked cars or people outside.

Before heading back in then captured a few final shots before heading home. I aimed to get home as I wanted to get the images done that night and emailed across before the client woke up. The reason for this is I notice the demand for content on event and efficiency is key. If I can get images sent before the hype of the event dies its a win-win. All images were sent in the morning to Pandora Event for them to send on to Purple Bricks.

Very happy with the shoot and starting to understand my new lens. What have you done over the Christmas break?

Enjoy your day!