• Luke Dillon

Pyramid Car Care

So my sister is learning to drive...what a way to start another shoot blog. So I had to take a parents car to this shoot, it is not a good look to take a dirty car to a professional detailing company but...its winter so stuff it. However one of the coolest things a client has ever done for me. Being a detailing company they were kind enough to clean the whole outside of my dads car, that leads me back to the start of this blog...I should of took my car.

Anyways, back to the client. Roughly an hours drive I arrived bright and early to photograph a variety of products and cars. The outside part of the shoot went considerably well, specially for the time of year however the inside of the shoot I was not as pleased with. Choosing to use flash made the images a little less appealing to me and now I am looking to invest in LED lights, it is small investment that would have benefited a lot in this situation. Apart from that I had loads of fun and hope to work again with pyramid.

Looking for cleaning products, make sure to check out Pyramid Car Care. They truly put their heart into the company.

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