• Luke Dillon

Pyramid car care at supercarfest

A couple of weeks back I photographed for Pyramid Car Care. If you have read my blogs in the past you'll know I have photographed for them before. They are a great bunch of lads and have some cracking products. I have used a few of their products and a massive fan of their quick detailer and tar & Glue remover.

Pyramid Car Care asked me to photograph their stand, people using their products and the general atmosphere of the event. If you want to find out all about supercarfest head to Kingdoms article about the day. CLICK HERE

It was a great day to spend with Pyramid Car Care and see the release of their new Ceramic Wax. I took a tone of shots through out the day capturing the products, the crowds, the cars and much more and turned the images around and sent them to Pyramid within three days of the event. These photos have been used to promote the brand but also the activity and show their new products and what they do.

If you want to find out all about Pyramids products there is no better place to go to than


I look forward to working with these guys in the future and photographing their UK Favourite Detailers and much more! Make sure to keep an eye out!

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