• Luke Dillon

Race Retro Coventry

In the last week we have been blessed with a taste of summer. Add some retro rally cars racing around Stoneleigh Park and you have a great weekend. It was an incredible event at a price that would not break the bank. I managed to see everything and will be dropping a full car event review on Kingdom website but I wanted to leave a little context on the event regarding the photography. I managed to get a media pass because of Kingdom so it meant I could go on track. I picked up so many new things and ideas however I still need to work a lot of this.

My static shots in door and out are fine but my motion/action shots need a lot of work. I don't want to be photographing every car, I want to be producing a few shots that are more artistic and appealing. I am going Donnington this weekend so I will be able to photograph more and learning, I know more about settings and positioning and even though I am not happy with the images or how long it took to process them all I am looking forward to going back on track.

More to learn and achieve, if you want to know more I will be doing a write up very soon over at www.kingdomautomotive.co.uk

Thank you for reading,