• Luke Dillon

Redline 247

After Goodwood I took a week off to enjoy a week away travelling Europe with my Dad on Redline 247. Again I was a customer however I could not hold back from taking photos. I treated the trip like a client and took as many photos as possible without getting in the way or making out as I was a photographer. Each night I would go back to my room and edit and save as many photographs, if there were more left to do I would charge my Mac and finish them the next day in the car before doing the same at night.

©Redline247 & ©LukeDillonPhotography

I really enjoyed doing this as even though I was a customer on the trip and would be getting nothing from it, I got an understanding for future work. I learnt about my work style and how to turn work around quickly. I found out about picking a selected few and making sure they were edited and uploaded for the next day so then I had stuff to publish.

©Redline247 & ©LukeDillonPhotography

I treated this as a client as I want to work for more travel trip companies. I work and help with Forever Rally and want to help them grow and I would like to take on two more travel clients and apply the same principles. I have been editing on the trip as to me content needs to come out as soon as possible and if I can turn images around on the same day and capture the day for the client it is a win, win. I picked up on a few more tricks and tips whilst away for the week, if you would like to find out what happened on the trip head on down to KINGDOM to find out everything!

©Redline247 & ©LukeDillonPhotography

As mentioned I am looking to work with two other road trips brands and help build their brands up over the next ten years. I am building a small creative squad as I have noticed some trips over laps and I want to provide a service that will not let you down. I have a driver and looking to grow this to two cars next year for small and big trips. Personally I want to create the go to media team for automotive stuff!

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Thank you for reading, if you are interesting in hiring or want me to work for you. Or maybe you want to work for me send me a message! lukedillonphotography@gmail.com or DM at @lukedillonphotography on IG & FB,