• Luke Dillon

Remember I photographed for Pyramid?

Remember I did a shoot for Pyramid Car Care back in January for their UK Favourite Detailer down in Essex? Yes? Of course you did!

So to recap back in January Pyramid Car Care asked me to go down to Essex to photograph Pyramid Car Cares - UK Favourite Detailer, Offset Detailing. Last year Pyramid Car Cares wanted to find the UK’s Favourite Detailer, all you had to do is go to Pyramid Car Cares website and tell Pyramid who and why you a certain detailer is your favourite. According to the Public this was Offset Detailing for 2018, the question is who is the UK Favourite Detailer of 201?

Due to the success of 2018 Pyramid Car Care have bought it back, bigger and better! The guys where telling me they have been getting 20 entries a day that is crazy that so many people want to talk about their detailer.

Now you are probably wondering why I am telling you this? Luke you did the shoot back in January what are you talking about it in April? Well I could not talk about the shoot back then due to the winner not being released. Overall it was a very awesome shoot and I love being part of the competition. It was an early start and a 3.5 hour drive down to Essex, I spent the day with Offset Detailing who is an amazing guy. You can see his passion and love for detailing as he applied ceramic coating all over one of my favourite looking Lamborghini Performante. Lowered on custom wheels and wonder awesome colour. I was there for a couple of hours photographing the prep, main detailing and some shots after the car was all shiny. A range of car, product and close up shots with of course a few photographs of Offset Detailing.

Fast forward a couple of months and the competition is on again, that leads me to the question, who do you think is the detailer of the year? I have submitted who I think is killing it right now and so should you!

You can enter who you thinks should be the UK’s Favourite Detailer of 2019 by clicking the link below.

>> https://www.pyramidcarcare.co.uk/competition/ <<

You can recommend people who have already been added or add someone new, nominations accepted until Friday 3rd of May and the winner / runners up will be announced on May 6th. Even if you are not crowned the winner 5 runner ups will receive a bottle of Premium Ceramic Coating!!

The winner will receive, the whole Pyramid Car Care range, a professional photoshoot, chance to be included in a brand new video series for detailers, 2x tickers to Supercar Fest and more! Hopefully the professional photoshoot will be done by me again but thats up to Pyramid Car Care, to give you a taste of what can be won but also what I got up to back in January I have added some photographs below.

Make sure to enter, tell your detailer too! Maybe they will do something for you in return!

Enjoy your day!