• Luke Dillon

Rpm Race Engines Product shots

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of photographing for RPM for their website. As RPM Race Engines grows and grows their desire to make their customer experience better and smoother is a must. RPM wanted to develop an online store so customers could see what they were buying but also order without making a phone call.

I spent half the day at RPM in a giant white room which facilitates supreme details detailing lab. Roughly 25 items were photographed from small bolts to go-kart engines. Using professional lighting a variety of product shots were produced to show off what was for sale on the website.

The shoot ran smoothly and the only challenge being the white bottles. Taking multiple exposures meaning in post I could play around with settings to remove the background and still see the items.

A successful shoot that I am proud of and look forward to seeing the photos on RPM’s website.

Enjoy your day