• Luke Dillon

Rybrook Birmingham - Mclaren 720s spider launch

If you follow what I do you will know a couple of weeks ago I popped down to Rybrook Bristol to see the launch of the new McLaren 720S Spider. Well yesterday evening I was back over at Rybrook in Birmingham for another launch after grabbing myself another invitation through Redline247.

This time I wanted to push it further and try and capture more of the event, personally I really like the images compared to the Bristol ones. My images document the evening a lot more and tell a story. A lot more people at the Birmingham evening this was good for candid shots and made the even look more busy. Also having 4 McLaren's in one room allowed more chances for image. I actually turned out 150 unique images for the event that I was very impressed with. Meaning there is a few in there for socials, advertisement and portfolio.

Rybrook didn’t asked me to photograph the event but as I had been invited it would only be returning the favour plus I can us it for content and practise along with portfolio. As I mentioned last week I aim to start working with one or two dealerships from taking their stock imagery to promotion/advertisement in the dealership and event work such as new car launches, VIP events.

Reflecting on my work I was happy with what I achieved however I do need to use flash more, my ISO was up to 3200 at some point and even though the images still came out useable there is room for improvement but some events flash is not the best option, when it is private and small flash can be very aggressive and people are not there for photos. I hope to be invited back and possibly generate some interest and value with the photos.

P.S. I wrote this at 2am whilst waiting for all the photos to export so Rybrook could use them in the morning with no waiting, if they want to of course. Check out my socials to see a few posts from the evening.

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Enjoy your day!