• Luke Dillon

Scrambling with Ryan

A couple of weeks back I was invited by a friend to go and watch him compete in a 2-hour endurance Motorcross ride. I had a day free and wanted to shoot something different so I made the 1-hour drive to the event along with two cameras to experiment and try something new.

It took a little bit of getting use to at first, understanding where to be without being in the way. The layout of the track, setting and all the boring stuff but after the first hour, it felt just like an automotive motorsports shoot. Being able to get up close and personal has a different feel to the shooting but also means there are more options and variety to play with.

Shooting on two lenses meant I could capture more as the riders came through the track then when they go close switch and shoot with the portrait lens.

I do wish I took more photos however I wanted to get a feel for the sport and understand what was going on. As well as it was for a friend I wanted to make sure I got photos for him. I know I will be back there next year for the whole day and great it as a professional shoot as it was really enjoyable.

I know I could have improved in many areas and lenses are on order to help with that to give a crisper image. But for now, my lenses will have to do. Very pleased with the photos and look forward to being up close and personal with the action.

Let me know what you thought and if you have any tips on how I can improve.

Enjoy your day