• Luke Dillon

September review

September feels like a distant memory and that is probably because we are already into the third week of October. September was a very busy month for me with a variety of shoots from architecture to products and the usual things in between.

September was a very beneficial month to be with some of my best work being produced. I want to keep this level as we enter the last months of the year and will be looking to progress further. I am now pushing my event photography due to the time of year. Many people are having corporate events, Christmas parties and anything you lot get up to.

The car season is now quiet meaning I have some time on my hands and will be working on getting some new clients. I did not set any targets for September due to being a weird month and October will be the same but I look to develop further afield and plan my aims for November.

I hope you had a great September and let me know your October plans. Do you need a photographer?

Let me know.

Enjoy your day