• Luke Dillon

Silent Night out at Confessions

I have been helping out recently with Confessions through photography by documenting what events they have been having on. If you read my blog from the other day you will know I went to Confessions to capture a few shots of the Coffee Network. Saturday night I was photographing their first Silent Disco, it was a cool but strange event to attend with of lot of noice that you usually do not hear on a night out. It was interesting to photograph and was a hard event for people to shoot, usually most people want photos and ask or I seem the moment and capture something interesting, however I struggled to see it and personally felt off trying to get the shots.

I was happy with the photos but I feel some aspects could be improved, maybe it was the walls that I have spoke about before or how everyone had headphones on and was in a bubble to the outside world. There was some cracking shots that will be great for advertising. I will add it was the first time I have ever photographed in a nightclub scene and is something I want to do more.

If you are looking for a venue in Burton make sure to check out Confessions (link below) and if you are looking for a photographer make sure to drop me a message!

Check out Confessions: http://www.confessionsburton.co.uk/