• Luke Dillon

Skinny Kitten Private room & Signage

Back again with Skinny Kitten after they had renovated their private meeting room and had new signage put up. A straight for interior shoot however the exterior was delayed. On the day of the shoot the outdoor signage had not been put up which was not a problem as I only live 20 minutes from the location and could pop by.

However I only wanted to photograph the exterior in great whether to show the brand and company in the right light. This took a week or two however it was worth the wait. The photos were turned around within a week of both shoots and the client could not be happier.

These photographs will help Skinny Kitten show their customers what to expect but also to look out for when arriving at their location. To find out more and learn more about the perks of this then contact LDP today!

Have a great day,