• Luke Dillon

Supporting Pandora events on Tropics Roadshow

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with Pandora Events whilst they supported their client Tropic Skincare for three weekends as Tropic were hosting events across the UK talking about their brand and what is coming in 2020.

This has been one of the largest shoots I have been on and the best way to start the new year. photographing in places such as Aberdeen, Doncaster, Southampton, and many more places. This was a giant shoot for me and I appreciate working with Pandora a lot as they gave me extra tasks such as driving the Pandora/Tropic team around the UK from point to point each weekend.

I learned a lot about my gear and the limited time to shoot gave me new challenges to keep me on my feet. I am not a big fan of flashguns however flash is kind in the situations I was in. Due to the roadshow being in many different venues with different lighting each location gave a new challenge.

I did not use the flash to lighten the whole room up but to pick up key features and dark locations on the subjects and in the room. The majority of the time we were on a strict schedule meaning I needed to be on time and get the crew out of the venue ready for the second roadshow of the day. A fantastic experience and a very proud moment to work with the Pandora Team.

Pandora smashed it like always with excellent locations throughout the 3 weeks and lots of motivation for me to push hard and develop my images to help Pandora success grow!

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