• Luke Dillon

To dark to kart

So last night at work I was asked to take a few photographs at Midland Karting (company I work for part time). As they had a mini - moto night, however due to the lighting it was a massive struggle to shoot, to the point I was at 1/100 , f4 and 8000ISO . This this sort of thing I would want to be shooting around 1/300, f9 and 1600ISO for context. I took a few shots however after taking a few motion shots I put the camera away. Mainly because I had to watch over 12 bikes and if you have ever looked through a camera you will know how limited your vision is.

I will be back because I work there and take a lot more, it frustrated me as our eyes can adjust a lot more compared to my camera and I could see so many shots but was not achievable without flash or external bright lights. Due to it being a public night I did not want bounce flash everywhere and distract the riders and make their experience not as enjoyable. If I was a paid corporate shoot I would have asked and check with riders due to the nature of the event. I look forward to going back and capturing the riders getting down through the bends etc.

Thank you for reading and if you need a photographer I am always happy to talk!

From Luke