• Luke Dillon

Tower of Tropic - Pandora Events

Back at the beginning of December, I had the pleasure of shooting for Pandora Events as they organised an event for Tropic Skincare. A company I have met in the past and photographed throughout 2019. When Pandora told me where the event would be I knew it was an opportunity not to miss.

Pandora had secured the Tower of London, a fantastic venue to host a Christmas Greeting. I headed down the evening before so I could get up early and set the timelapse up on the shoot day. The shoot was not till the evening but I wanted to check on the timelapse throughout the day to make sure it had not turned off or been blocked.

The beginning of the shoot was a struggle, low light, and no ceiling made it hard to bounce light and give an overall view of the venue. However, I was very happy with the outcomes due to the situation and after the second group had arrived they made their way to a private viewing of the Crown Jewels whilst myself and Pandora made our way to the White Castle capturing candid shots around the venue and of the Tropic ladies as they enjoyed live music and a glass of bubbly.

The event ran very fast and I captured a lot in the time frame, the evening meal was in a lovely room within the Tower of London with a rich oak wood ceiling producing a warm colour that I am a big fan of. Dinner was served and the camera went away as there was no need to capture people eating. After this, I packed up and ran with the videographer Azonic Films to capture a secret surprise for the Tropic staff. Two private double-decker buses, we waited around and captured the ladies as they got on the bus.

After the buses left, it was back to the hotel and time to back up. Within a week all the images were sent to Pandora so the images could be sent and published were they needed to be. Very happy with the images and look forward to 2020 with Pandora Events.

What did you think of the photos? Have you ever seen the Crown Jewels?

Enjoy your day!