• Luke Dillon

Tropic Skincare - Business booster event

A couple of weekends ago I was asked by Pandora Event as they were helping with all the events organising for Tropic Skincare as they were having an event for their top leaders in the company. I photographed on the Friday evening and the whole day Saturday. If you follow my work you will know I have photographed for Pandora Events before and know the tropic team very well.

I was really impressed with Fridays photos, luckily the building faced the sunset and even though there was no bold orange sky there was lots of natural light. With a small burst of flash gave some vibrant candid shots that made me smile even when editing. Only 30 odd people were in the room so after a couple of hours I headed back home as it was more of a personal evening than a corporate evening.

Bright and early I was back at the Resort World but this time photographing at The Vox instead of the Genting. After doing a few shoots at the NEC and Resort World I am very familiar with the event and what goes on within the space. I love the natural light and prefer not using flash apart from nighttime parties. So when everyone turned up and I had giant glass windows as a soft box I was in my element.

When it was time for everyone to sit down I bumped the ISO up and turned off the flash, I like using flash more than high ISO however as a photographer I would rather loose some quality within the image however be hidden than getting a little more light but lighting the room up. When it came to post editing I could still bring back highlights without making it grainy or 'edited'. For this shoot I bought everything back, took more time with the shoot and less editing in post.

Within the Vox the tables were laid out with a walkway between, I tried to avoid the centre break as the videographer was capturing the day. This made it a little tricky for me as I had to sit close to the tropic leaders however I never like to be in the way as there experience is much more important that where I am positions. At the time I thought I did not have a good shoot, due to the layout and lighting I thought I may struggle to gain decent images. However I have seen people moan before about the scenery/setting they have been given but in my opinion you work with the scenario you are given.

I did not get many candid shots due to lighting and angles however I still got a good variety and worked the rooms to my advantage. After shooting from 8:30 till 17:30 I was back behind the camera at 19:00 to photograph the evening. I always like to photograph Tropic Skincare parties as they know how to party but also there is always someone wanting a photo.

Before the party kicked off there was a few last words and flowers given out. This was interesting as even though I had the dance floor to myself every time a group came up to collect flowers I seem to be flooded with phones screens and had to kindly ask to get to the front. After this it was time for the ladies to let their hair down and show the Vox a Tropic party! I photographed until the classic tropic dance off and then put the camera away shared a beer with Pandora Events before heading home.

Another shoot I was impressed with and after the Euro Rally, prom, Supreme Detail shoot, car shows with Kingdom and the tropic shoot I personally believe it is time to improve the camera gear. I am not one to buy equipment thinking it will make me better however I am noticing it is quality which is preventing my work from being better! Let me know your thoughts, I know I have a long way from being a professional photographer but thats the aim!

Make sure to check out Pandora Events if you need an event organising!

Make sure to check Tropic Skincare out for all your natural skincare needs!

Let me know what you think of the photos!

Enjoy your weekend!