• Luke Dillon

Ultimate Dubs

As many of you know I am big into my cars, this weekend I headed down to Telford for Ultimate Dubs, arguably the show that starts the show season in the UK. Personally I think it is a great event but I did not take advantage, with a majority of the day been wasted queuing or waiting for a gap to photograph a car.

For future shows I need to get there before the doors open and I plan to in the future for all events I aim to attend, what I did do well however is look at who was attending and what to focus on at the event. Using Instagram I found a lot of the owners and meant I could get the photographs to the right people. I need to get more photographs for Kingdom as it is the main way they gain attention. This issue will be resolved in the next show and I am really excited for the next show. I got a lot of great photographs and tried some new ideas however I needed to do more.

What is good about this style of event is I am able to photograph a lot more and do more than a client shoot. If you are into cars make sure to look at Kingdom!

Photo at www.kingdomautomotive.co.uk/downloads

Enjoy your Monday!