• Luke Dillon

Uttoxeter Morning networking event

©lukedillonphotography2019 MCOCO shoot

Last week I was at Uttoxeter for an early morning networking event. I was not photographing but trying to get some clients. My main aim was to just get use to being around people and making connections. I need to start getting my name out there and have me name at the top of recommendations. A cracking event that I found through LinkedIn, I had turned an invite down twice and Emma one of the organisers still invited me and this time I could make it.

Great way to start the day and was apply to get a feeling for networking events, I am not use to them as usually I am on the other side of the camera capturing people network. Will be attending more and have started to push more content LinkedIn way slowly. Highly recommend going and if you have never considered going to a networking event make sure to try at least one. You never know what may come out of it.

Didn't take any photos...So the photo is from MCOCO shoot.

Uttoxeter based and looking for a network morning? CLICK HERE

Enjoy your week