• Luke Dillon

We will be staying active and working!

October was an average month for us just like last year most people do not know whether to push push push or wait wait wait due to Christmas and the new year looming in the background. Due to a vast amount of work in September we were finishing off these projects in October.

Due to the new lockdown rules we will be limited on what we can do in certain areas however we will not be closing or working behind close doors. We can still shoot it just depends where and any photoshoots which are in a grey area have been postponed for example home shoots.

We will be pushing and promoting more the commercial aspects such as product shoots and interior and exteriors. These are areas of low risk which involve no contact and minimal interaction with others.

We will still be managing social media accounts and providing graphic design/website services throughout the months to come and help promote these businesses even more through out the two months.

If you would like to know more make sure to contact us today,

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