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Welsh Valley Rally

As today Forever Rally have released their WKND:DASH 2019 and Euro Rally for 2020 it only seems right to post about their Euro Rally 2019. I can not believe how fast Luke Dillon Photography has grown and to say I have been paid to photograph in France, Germany, Italy, Monaco and Amsterdam is crazy!

I have done a complete write up on Kingdom Automotive website so if you want to know all the in's and out's make sure to CLICK HERE to find out everything that happened! Make sure you have your reading glasses!

Overall a cracking roadtrip and it is a pleasure to see Forever Rally grow from the first roadtrip. I have loved being a part of it and being able to help more than just the photography has been great. Being part of the social media and their branding is awesome and looking forward to seeing how much this benefits them in the year to come.

I am really impressed with the photos from the Euro Rally, day 1 and day 2 went extremely well. Lots of the day captured with at least 3 shots of most of the cars on the rally. I managed to photograph rolling, static but also panning shots. We managed to push a head of the group twice and jump out of the car and get different shots. I do wish I snook in more candid shots of the group but due to the long drives and posting on Forever Rally socials anytime we stopped I was either photographing the cars in the scenery or editing photos to go on Forever Rally's socials.

Day three started out great with us getting out in front of the main group, however when we set up on a beautiful location we did not realised google maps missed the corner on the pass due to quickest route. Unfortunately there was no signal and even the radio did not pick up their radio and they snuck passed us by taking a short cut. This did not bother me as sh*t happens and I would rather miss a shot than something bad happen. This was out of our control and if we did the same thing again they may have not followed the quickest route and took the bend.

On the final day I drove most of the way, after roughly 25 hours of driving over the three days I swapped seats with the driver and took over most of the way to Amsterdam. Due to being mainly motorway and having a long drive back on the following day it made sense. I still managed to get a variety of shots before taking the wheel and had photographed all the cars already that were in the group.

Due to the time we got to Amsterdam we missed the other half of the group getting ready and at the bar so the camera stayed in. All the socials were updated and the shoot was done. I was really impressed with the level of content I produced for Forever Rally. Roughly 400 images a day, if I wanted to be picky and selective I could of got this down to 250 however we were on the road for 8 hours a day and had 20 cars so it was easy to rack up the numbers. As well as I help run their social media I know Forever Rally need lots of images to cover what they do throughout the year.

As mentioned at the beginning today Forever Rally have released their WKND:DASH 2019 and European Rally 2020. Below I have attached the outlines to both trips along with the links, make sure to check them out if you are looking for a rally and make sure to give them a follow!

Forever Rally Website



Caffeine & Machine to Bournemouth

One day dash with a big night out

£225 per car based on two people

>> LINK <<


18.06.20 - 22.06.20

Stuttgart, Milan, Monaco & Chambery

4 day rally taking in breathtaking passes and some awesome way points

£1499 per car based on two people

>> LINK <<

Make sure to check out KINGDOM ARTICLE about the Euro Rally.

If you have any questions about photoshoots, social media or branding let me know! Luke Dillon Photography is branching out and creating more of an automotive media brand than just photography. Saving you time and allowing you to focus on your business.

Enjoy your week!