Reliable, responsible, Rapid

We carry the name Luke Dillon Photography to make sure we always do a good job, whether we are automotive photographers, event photographers or commercial photographers because when you put your name on the line there is always motive to achieve more than expected. We capture everything and anything you need and require. If you are looking for more than just photography we have an excellent range of connections meaning you always receive the Luke Dillon quality. 

We are always reliable and responsible and always aim to provide a rapid service without being a rushed service. We can turn around imagery within 24 hours and mean you wake up photos for your business to promote your event. We can produce images thought out the day to keep your brand relevant with quality content. 

We believe everything should match and flow and thats why we have a great selection of connections to make sure everything is aligned and everyone is working to a goal and achievement. Find out more about the services we offer people.

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From coffee mornings to midnight parties.
Mainly dogs, but we love all pets. 
Private car shoots, to cleaning products. Car shows to dealerships
Actors headshots to linkedin profiles.
Studio shots to the product being used.
From the foundation up to selling the building

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