T&C's and ALL 



1. Social Media usage

On every shoot, Luke Dillon Photography (LDP) tries to post a little on the shoot that he is shooting. This is to show LDP audience but also boost the interest for the client LDP is shooting for. After every shoot LDP likes to publish a shoot report on every shoot he does this is a reflection of on LDP shoot and not a review on customer events, hospitality, products, etc. LDP will also be included in the final folder of photos from the shoot to use on social media you as the client will be credited in the post. 

Before the shoot, you can let LDP know you do not want him or the creators working under his name to use the imagery for branding purposes or write about your shoot.

2. Booking / Cancelations

Shoots canceled within 10 days of the shoot will be charged 50% of the shoot price. If you decide to rearrange the shoot charge will only be 25% of the shoot price. If the cancellation is due to medical or personal life charges will not apply but a reason will have to be given. If you have any questions about this please contact Luke Dillon Photography.


If Luke Dillon Photography cancels the shoot you will receive the full shoot price (not including travel/expense) as compensation if LDP cannot sort out a cover photographer. This is something that has never happened and should not happen. Compensation does not cover travel issues surrounding break downs or public transport cancellation or medical issues on the date of the shoot.

3. Insurance/Documents

If you need to see insurance cover before a shoot or proof of public liability cover or even DBS certificate please let me know. I can provide this through email directly to you and bring it to the shoot if needed. I am fully insured and have up to £5,000,000 cover in public liability

4. Things to consider when booking

There is a lot to think about when it comes to a shoot and no two shoots are the same. It is always best to plan in advance and think of

everything you may need. Not all of these may apply to you but please think ahead of any shoot.

Time & Location: Arrival, set up time, venue access, private access.

Creators: Need more than one photographer & video coverage.

Branding: Website, Promotional material, Business cards, photography, videography, graphic design, social media plan.

When do you need the content by?

Special requirements?

Have you seen a photo you want to replicate or style off?

5. Additional services

Do you need an additional photographer, maybe videography, do you need photos on the day or an online site for people to download photographs? LDP can provide a range of on the day services or provide services outside the shoot such as graphic design work, branding, social media help and much more.

6. Expenses

Generally, the only expense is travel. Usually, I travel by car but if I can make it cheaper by traveling by train I will. Every shoot the travel is logged as an expense. The charge fee per mile is 40p and does not change no matter the distance. I try to not book a hotel but if the distance of travel is over 4 hours or a shoot is over 12 hours hotel pricing may apply but I do like o get back asap to back up files and get on with the edit. Additional prices may apply for food/drink, rented equipment, staff and fast turn around. This will all be estimated before a shoot.

7. Payment Options

I only take electronic payments through bank transfer or PayPal, an invoice is sent after the shoot is complete and has been signed off. This means all alterations have been done and you need no more services. This invoice will need to be paid within 30 days of the date on the invoice. The invoice date will be from the day sent. If the invoice is not paid by the 'pay by date' 10% of the invoice cost will be added for each week overdue.